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Clean Break (April 7 prompt: clean)

You said you wanted

a clean break.


So I cleaned

the apartment

just like you trained me

(as you disdain

messiness and clutter).


I can clean anything,

but a lie

no matter how white

can never be clean.


Don’t bother to check

as I cleaned out

our joint checking account

and gave it all to charity.


As for my broken spirit,

a little hydrogen peroxide

should cleanse

that wound.


I even cleaned out

the barrel and chambers

of the little pre-owned

snub-nosed accomplice

I purchased

just for this occasion.


So, Goodbye.


And, for the record

it wasn’t an accident

that I decided to do this

on your favorite white rug.


This is one stain

I won’t be able to clean

for you.
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