ihatepoetry (ihatepoetry) wrote,

Sherri Dunn (prompt: name in title)

If I say we are
less like cousins
and more like siblings
that’s self-serving
on my part.

When she speaks
it’s a bubbling stream
of chaotic joking,
uncertain confirmation,
hopefulness and love.

She comes off
likes a bubble headed
bottle blonde,
but I know the truth.

Through it all,
the abused childhood
and neglected teenage years,
the “college” widowhood
and now the onset of lupus
she survived and
fought back
the only way
she could.

With love
she raised
Amanda, Carissa and Melanie
and their light-
her joyful sunlight-
will shine and
shine and
long after
Sherri has moved on.

The ability to
take all the sadness
all the darkness
and turn it into
double bright
sunlight and laughter,
isn’t magic,

It’s heroic.

Sherri and her Dad
Tags: sherri dunn

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