ihatepoetry (ihatepoetry) wrote,

To All My Loyal Readers (prompt: To _____ )

I apologize in advance

for the weakness

of the most recent offerings.


Life has been

throwing hell

at me

and I’ve been

waving a white flag.


Give me enough time

and I’ll try to turn this excrement

into gold

but I make no promises.



to all my loyal readers

who see me

and steal my invisibility,

your slightest notice

sends me into a drug like high.


Merely being seen

keeps me going

when I cannot understand

the  point of any of it.


Nothing is better than

someone telling me

I have touched them.


It’s the ultimate triumph 

of my spirituality over materialism.


I am transcendent

typing mad fury

these stray thoughts knowing

there is some understood

underlying code

in all this spilled blood.


I keep trying to make connections

because it doesn’t matter

if you’re in public library in New York

or a jail cell in Texas

a bakery in Oregon

a pub I Australia


for a moment

we are in the same place

and it feels good to me.

Tags: the real me

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